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Posted on June 8 in Il Manifesto; translation by John Catalinotto.

The African Lion, the largest military exercise on the African continent planned and led by the U.S. military, began on June 7. The exercise includes land, air and naval maneuvers in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and adjacent seas – from North Africa to West Africa, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

Imperialist military interventions in Africa are forcing migration, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people in shipwrecks.

With half of the 8,000 troops deployed from the United States, the exercise will deploy approximately 200 armored vehicles, self-propelled guns, airplanes and warships. African Lion 21 is expected to cost $ 24 million and has particularly significant implications.

This political decision was fundamentally decided in Washington: the African exercise is taking place for the first time this year in Western Sahara. This means that it is on the territory of the Saharawi Republic, recognized by more than 80 UN states, and whose existence Morocco has denied and fought against by all means.

The Moroccan regime has said that by holding the exercise there, Washington recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara and calls on Algeria and Spain to abandon their hostility to Morocco’s territorial integrity. Morocco accuses the Spanish government of supporting the Polisario (Western Sahara Liberation Front), and the Spanish army is not participating in the African Lion this year.

Washington reaffirmed its full support for Morocco, which is on its list of countries that are major non-NATO allies and partners of the United States (state.gov)

United States consolidates forces to dominate Africa

The African exercise is taking place this year for the first time under a new US command structure. Last November, the US Army Europe and US Army Africa were merged into a single command: US Army Europe and Africa.

General Christopher Cavoli, who heads the command, explained the reason for the decision: “European and African issues are inextricably linked. The close geography and economic ties between the two continents mean that regional security concerns, left unchecked, have quickly spread from area to area. (state.gov, February 23)

Hence the decision of the American army to consolidate the European Command and the African Command, so as to “move forces dynamically and move forces from one theater to another, from one continent to another, which really significantly improves our response times to regional contingencies ”.

In this context, African Lion 21 has been consolidated with Defender-Europe 21, which employs 28,000 soldiers and more than 2,000 heavy vehicles. Basically, a single series of coordinated military maneuvers takes place from Northern Europe to West Africa, planned and commanded by the US Army Europe and Africa.

The official aim of these maneuvers is to counter “unspecified malicious activity in North Africa and Southern Europe and to increase interoperability between American, African and international partners to defend the theater against adverse military aggression.” (Africom.mil) There is a clear reference to Russia and China.

Italy participates in African Lion 21, as well as Defender-Europe 21, not only with its own forces but with its territory as a strategic base. The exercise in Africa is being led by the US Army’s Southern Europe Task Force from Vicenza, Italy, and participating forces are supplied via the port of Livorno, with war material from Camp Darby, the nearby logistics base of the US military. Participation in African Lion 21 is part of Italy’s growing military engagement in Africa.

The mission in Niger is a case in point. Officially, Italy is participating as part of a joint European and American effort aimed at stabilizing the area and combating illegal trafficking and security threats. In reality, it is a question of controlling one of the areas richest in strategic raw materials (oil, uranium, coltan and others) exploited by American and European transnational corporations, whose oligopoly is threatened by the Chinese economic presence. and other factors.

Hence the recourse to the traditional colonialist strategy: Using military means to guarantee colonialist interests, including support for local elites who base their power on their armed forces under the pretext of fighting “jihadist” militias. These military interventions reinforce the exploitation and the enslavement of the local populations, destroying their living conditions, which in turn force migrations and increase the human tragedies which result from it.

Seoul shouldn’t be affected by Beijing to become a member of D10: The DONG-A ILBO https://hardouin.info/seoul-shouldnt-be-affected-by-beijing-to-become-a-member-of-d10-the-dong-a-ilbo/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:15:03 +0000 https://hardouin.info/seoul-shouldnt-be-affected-by-beijing-to-become-a-member-of-d10-the-dong-a-ilbo/ South Korean President Moon Jae-in left for Britain on Friday to join the G7 summit at the invitation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who asked for the participation of leaders from Australia, India, South Africa and South Korea in the first face-to-face. facing a multilateral meeting since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking the opportunity, President Moon plans to hold a bilateral meeting with his British, Australian and European Union counterparts each. It is possible that gatherings in Seoul, Washington and Tokyo or Seoul and Tokyo could take place in relaxed settings.

Although Moon joined as a guest at the G7 summit, his attendance represents an increased level of South Korea’s world state. The G7 has served as a community of world leaders to set international norms and standards. South Korea is moving closer to the G7 leaders given its economic skills ranking 10th in the world and a considerable level of democratic advancement. The upcoming G7 summit will clarify how far South Korea has come on the world stage.

Last year, South Korea was expected to be part of an expanded form of the Group of Seven, argued then-US President Donald Trump. However, the spread of the coronavirus made a face-to-face meeting unavailable as some members objected to the membership of another candidate, Russia, after which related discussions lost momentum. The upcoming summit in Britain could rekindle some interest in a larger group of world leaders than the existing seven, putting South Korea’s diplomatic capabilities to the test.

It is highly likely that US President Joe Biden will make a sophisticated effort to build a front against China at the meeting where he makes his official multilateral diplomatic debut. China could be condemned for suppressing human rights, abusing diplomatic influence and engaging in unfair trade. The gist of the US-led Democracy Summit in the second half of this year and Britain’s proposed D10 Initiative is to strengthen the international coalition to protect democracy and human rights. If South Korea sits on the sidelines without adding a voice to its chants and backs down, intimidated by China’s warning not to be swept aside by a one-sided force, it might not be able to secure a seat in the within the international community.

Les Mets activates Luis Guillorme, Travis Blankenhorn option https://hardouin.info/les-mets-activates-luis-guillorme-travis-blankenhorn-option/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 21:13:41 +0000 https://hardouin.info/les-mets-activates-luis-guillorme-travis-blankenhorn-option/

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Guillorme will be activated from the injured list ahead of Friday’s game, according to Justin Toscano of The record. Guillorme has been out since April 30 with a oblique injury. If activated on Friday, he will be out for exactly six weeks.

Anthony DiComo added infielder Travis Blankenhorn was an option for the Syracuse triple A in a matching move.

26-year-old infielder Guillorme has played nine innings each of the last two days with the triple A Syracuse. This was the last step to test Guillorme’s oblique before presumably activating it. He went 2-for-7 with a walk in both games as he played at second base.

Guillorme won’t start on Friday given he’s played two full games the past two days (and the Padres start Blake snell), but he’ll likely be available off the bench before potentially starting on Saturday.

Before suffering a slant injury, Guillorme had six hits on 18 batters with five walks and a single strikeout. He aspired to play in April with a healthy team. Upon his return, he will likely get the lion’s share of playing time in this position, moving José Peraza to the bench.

The team is gradually improving. Albert Almora Jr. will probably arrive a few days after Guillorme, and Jeff McNeil is departure his rehabilitation mission this weekend.

Les Mets activates Luis Guillorme, Travis Blankenhorn option

The big banks could cut their variable rates much lower, but by how much? https://hardouin.info/the-big-banks-could-cut-their-variable-rates-much-lower-but-by-how-much/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:11:26 +0000 https://hardouin.info/the-big-banks-could-cut-their-variable-rates-much-lower-but-by-how-much/

Many Australians, towards the end of each month, are faced with the sometimes daunting task of paying off their variable rate home loan in principal and interest.

Have you ever wondered how a bank calculates what this variable rate should be?

And once you figure that out, can you determine if the owners are actually getting a fair deal?

Let’s explore this.

How are variable rates determined?

At a very basic level, a bank will choose an interest rate that is higher than the interest rate it pays on the funds it borrows to lend you.

The bank makes money by borrowing at a lower rate and lending you money at a higher rate.

To finance variable rate loan products, commercial banks use short-term money markets, as opposed to longer-term markets that finance fixed rate loans.

Banks have many sources of funding covering various markets, products and maturities.

The most important rate, however, in terms of bank financing costs, according to the Reserve Bank, is what is known as the 3-month banknote exchange rate (BBSW) – this is the rate at which they can issue “banknotes” to wholesale investors.

This is the rate at which banks lend each other.

Quite simply, it is the cost for the banks to issue IOUs to get their variable loans.

The cost of this IOU is currently around 2-3 basis points, or 0.02 to 0.03 percent.

So the BBSW determines the cost of your variable rate mortgage?

Well yes.

But that’s not what commercial banks would have you believe.

The Australian Banking Association (ABA), which represents the major banks, told the ABC that the Reserve Bank’s cash rate target, or “cash rate” for short, is the primary benchmark used. by banks to calculate their variable interest rates.

“The RBA cash rate is not the only data a lender should use to determine their standard variable rates, but it is an important data in the cost of the loan,” noted a spokesperson for the loan. ‘ABA.

“Other costs and inputs that determine the extent to which a change in the RBA’s cash rate is passed on to banks’ lending rates include the cost of funds provided by banks, the structure of their deposits and interest rates. , and the risk profile of the loan. “

The Commonwealth Bank, the largest provider of variable rate loans to mortgages, declined to comment on how it determines the cost of its variable rate loans.

Cost confusion rate

Do you see where this is going?

The Reserve Bank says banks pass the cost of borrowing money on short-term money markets to borrowers (home loan customers).

The cost of this is around 0.03 percent for banks – an all-time low.

RBA building
The Australian Banking Association, which represents the major banks, says that the Reserve Bank’s cash rate target, or “cash rate” for short, is the primary benchmark used by banks to calculate their rates. variable interest.(

PAA: Joël Carrett


The Australian Banking Association, on the other hand, claims that banks use the Reserve Bank’s cash rate target.

So what is the RBA’s cash rate target?

Well, it’s really nothing more than a price signal that the RBA uses to move the BBSW higher or lower.

It’s 0.1%. 100 currently.

But it’s 0.07 percentage point above the BBSW.

To be fair, the BBSW is recognized as a factor in the total cost of an adjustable rate loan to a bank.

The embarrassing truth is that this is the most important factor.

So the banks claim that one of the costs of finding funds for your variable rate home loan is higher than it actually is.

The pandemic is behind the confusion

Velocity Trade banking analyst Brett Le Mesurier points out that, before the pandemic, the BBSW largely aligned with the Reserve Bank’s cash rate target (the two were highly correlated).

Printing large amounts of money reduced the value of money to next to nothing.

Thus, while the Reserve Bank’s cash rate target is 0.1%, the market values ​​“cash” (BBSW) at only 0.03%.

“So it was easier for [the banks] to explain to their retail customers that the standard variable rate was changing because the spot rate was changing, but the greater truth was that it was because the BBSW was changing, ”he said.

He said “of course” that banks could lower the cost of their variable rate mortgage products, but logistically they just couldn’t handle the resulting increase in demand.

“They don’t have a whole bunch of people twiddling their thumbs,” said Le Mesurier.

In addition, investors would bear the cost with lower returns on investment, as the bank would make less money overall.

Are you paying too much?

But there is still an inconsistency.

There is a pretty big difference between what the average customer at a large bank pays for an existing variable rate loan and what is offered to a new home loan customer.

The latest Reserve Bank data shows that the average homeowner mortgage rate for existing customers is 2.92 percent, while the average rate for new customers is 2.42 percent, a difference of ‘half a percentage point or 0.5 percent.

Average rate

Existing Homeowner Mortgages


New Homeowner Mortgages




Source: RBA

It makes a huge difference in your monthly mortgage payments, ”said Sally Tindall, Research Director of RateCity.

“For example, on a 30-year, $ 500,000 home loan at 2.92%, you would pay just over $ 2,000 per month.”

“A new customer, on the other hand, would pay $ 132 less per month.”

Up to the customer

Commercial banks operate in a market.

They will adjust the price of their products according to supply and demand.

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe encouraged home loan customers to shop around for the best deal.

Horsham for sale sign.jpg
A better understanding of variable rates could help Australian homeowners get a better deal.(

ABC News: Alexander Darling


Ms Tindall said the hard truth is that too few bank customers make the effort to look for a better deal.

“Some banks rely on the complacency of [their customers] not to shop, ”she said.

The process of transferring home loans between banks can take up to 4 weeks and involves paperwork and phone calls.

Evidence shows that, with a little effort, many mortgagors could save hundreds of dollars on their adjustable rate mortgage.

This is a significant monthly saving.

Additional savings are also crucial to the economy now, as much of the purchases that currently help drive the economy forward are made possible by households opening their piggy banks.

Supporting Australia to deter China is helping America – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense https://hardouin.info/supporting-australia-to-deter-china-is-helping-america-breaking-defense-breaking-defense/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 18:41:46 +0000 https://hardouin.info/supporting-australia-to-deter-china-is-helping-america-breaking-defense-breaking-defense/

Two F-22 Raptors and a B-2 Spirit were deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam on April 14, 2009, the first time the Air Force’s major strategic stealth platforms were deployed together outside the continental United States.

As the Biden administration focuses on ways to improve deterrence in the Pacific, strengthening Australia’s defense against China is a good place to start. Working closely with Australia can now send an important message to Beijing that political intimidation, backed by economic and military threats, is not in its long-term best interests.

For those not following the Chinese campaign against Australia, the Chinese leadership has made it clear that they believe Australia must comply with their plans to dominate the Pacific. The Chinese threat has been stated clearly in Chinese state media: “China has a strong production capacity, including the production of additional long-range missiles with conventional warheads that target military objectives in Australia when the situation becomes very tense.”

If someone is threatening to kill you, you better believe them. Taking a close look at the direct threat from China, one is immediately struck by the fact that the emphasis is on conventional strikes, as raising a nuclear threat could result in a Canberra reaction that the Chinese might regret – even more than having to deal with the prospect of strengthening Australian defense. which includes new long-range strike capabilities.

Paul Dibb, a prominent Australian strategist and former intelligence official, argued that China’s actions dramatically shorten the country’s warning time of any attack.

“The Chinese have been communicating clearly for some time that now is the time to teach Australia a lesson. They used similar language against Vietnam in 1979 before their invasion, ”he said in a recent interview. “And there are many ways they could generate force to pressure Australia, without hitting the country directly, such as attacking us in our 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone, threatening our offshore energy platforms. And so, launch the challenge directly to Australia.

In the long term, the Australian government is committed to building a long-range strike and is committed to spending a lot of money in this area. But what should Australia do now as part of a crisis management approach to such a threat? What to do now to respond effectively to the dangerous clicking of the saber?

There is an option that provides a basis for the way forward in long-range strike capability for the Australian Defense Force (ADF), and for the United States to learn how to use its naval capabilities more effectively. and air in the Pacific both with its own services, as well as with allies.

The United States brought B-1 bombers to participate with the ADF in northern Australia. By deploying a B-2 rotational force to northern Australia, a stealth bombing capability could be brought to the defense of Australia. This would be an important immediate contribution to responding to China, but it would also underscore to the Chinese that their military build-up in the Pacific – especially that directed against Australia – is not in their own best interests.

By training the Royal Australia Navy and the Royal Australian Navy to work with the B-2s, B-1s and B-52s, these two key Australian power projection forces can train with long-range strike operational assets.

There is further discussion in Australia as to whether buying the B-21 is the right answer for a longer range strike or if there are other options. So rotating US bomber deployments would also help point the way forward to build the kind of sovereign missile industry Australia wants. It is clear that the United States also needs a different approach than it has taken so far to achieve a cheaper and more effective combination of strike assets on its own.

As the United States develops a more effective approach to supporting its allies in the Indo-Pacific, a key element of what the US Navy and US Air Force clearly need to work on is a much more effective integration of the bombardment force with the fleet.

A short-term measure could be the construction of reinforced bases in Australia from which US bombers could operate, while Australia builds its own capabilities. These bases would be used for rotations to exercise with the ADF or to reinforce Australian forces in the event of a crisis.

It’s about moving the US-Australia alliance forward effectively to deal with Australia’s defense today. It is also about demonstrating to the Chinese leadership that intimidation is not going to cause Australia or any other liberal democratic state to submit to a Chinese world order. Chinese leaders need to pause and think about what Australia, as a democratic arsenal, could mean for the future of the People’s Republic of China.

Robbin Laird, defense consultant and member of the Breaking Defense Board of Contributors, is a researcher at the Williams Foundation. Ed Timberlake, US Naval Academy graduate and former Marine Squadron Commander, works with Laird. He worked at Capitol Hill and held senior positions in the Department of Defense.

A review of the things you need to know before you get home on Friday; TD on the rise, factories are functioning well; hydroelectric lakes do not worsen, trade is gentle again, reservoirs NZD, and more https://hardouin.info/a-review-of-the-things-you-need-to-know-before-you-get-home-on-friday-td-on-the-rise-factories-are-functioning-well-hydroelectric-lakes-do-not-worsen-trade-is-gentle-again-reservoirs-nzd-and-m/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:21:28 +0000 https://hardouin.info/a-review-of-the-things-you-need-to-know-before-you-get-home-on-friday-td-on-the-rise-factories-are-functioning-well-hydroelectric-lakes-do-not-worsen-trade-is-gentle-again-reservoirs-nzd-and-m/

Here are the key things you need to know before you leave work today.

No changes to report today.

Rabobank has raised most rates on term deposits. Their six month term is now 1.25%, their one year term is now 1.35%. Other than Heartland, no other bank has rates at these levels.

May’s PMI turned around a continuous expansionist result, supported by strong production and solid new order levels – all achieved with only modest additional hires. With more exits than entries, maybe companies are starting to show good productivity improvements. Although the pressures of rising input costs and high transportation costs have likely compromised this. This strong expansion may not be matched by better profitability. However, it is better for these pressures to occur in a rising market than in a flat or falling market. More here. All regions benefit from this expansion, but Auckland’s industrial base is leading it.

Hydraulic inputs to the lake over the past week have been sufficient to keep the levels of these lakes from dropping and were similar to last year’s levels (albeit slight). Consequently wholesale electricity prices have fallen a bit over the past week. But they remain historically high. And imported coal is still a very active trade, keeping the Huntly Power Plant running to keep the lights on. And Auckland water storage just not recovering, still around 50% when it should be 77% at this time of year.

The insurer’s tower has downgraded its annual profit forecast following the recent Canterbury floods. Tower says it has received 164 complaints about the flooding. He currently estimates the final cost of the floods at $ 2.8-3 million before tax. At the end of May, Tower’s forecast for September profit was $ 25-27 million. He now expects $ 22-24 million, but still expects to pay annual dividends of between 5 cents and 5.5 cents.

Sky city (SKC # 15) claims its gaming business is back and trading better than expected, but some of its other tourism investments are not. And he still doesn’t know when the Auckland Convention Center will start operating. Despite all of this, he now expects to make between $ 84 million and $ 88 million after tax. This is a major drop from the $ 235 million earned in 2020. Its shares are up 0.6% today.

And speaking of weather, climate, and precipitation, think about the tens of millions of people in the western United States. They are seized by an unprecedented drought and facing extremely high temperatures as summer progresses there. It seems doubtful that the region can support existing populations, certainly not the agriculture it was once famous for.

With the US economy growing faster again, the Fed will consider a cut in its review next week. Her own the balance sheet does not increase much at all recently. And the US Treasury isn’t issuing debt as fast as it did last year. Deficits are on the decline. This means that these two very big buyers of debt are not in the market to absorb the very rapid expansions of accumulated liquidity in the world’s largest economy. And in turn, that means there is an increase in the supply of liquidity in pursuit of the risk-free bonds that are always on offer. This excess demand lowers yields just as inflation is rising rapidly. It may seem counterintuitive that the two trends are happening at the same time, but they have been for the last ten days or so. Will they change? Who knows. But Biden’s infrastructure plans are being blocked by Republicans out of spite, and if they can get any real progress, that’s one way the bond supply could be better balanced with the demand for cash. Just think out loud here, trying to figure out the rising inflation and falling bond yields happening at the same time.

Compared to the same time yesterday, the price of gold is up + US $ 13 and now at US $ 1,899 / oz in early Asian trading. It closed in New York at that same price of $ 1898 / oz and in London at $ 1889 / oz.

Wall Street ended its close session and the S & P500 ended up 0.5% from the previous day. The Tokyo market has started up + 0.3% and Hong Kong has opened + 0.4% so far. Shanghai is down -0.3% in early trade. The ASX200 is up + 0.2% in the early afternoon and heading for a roughly the same weekly rise, so today’s trading decides whether the week is winning or losing. The NZX50 Capital index is heading for a gain of + 0.5% in its session, which will give a weekly result of + 0.5%, the same is true here.

We do not yet have today’s swap closing rates. If there are any significant changes again today, we will update this item. They probably fell. The 90-day bank note rate is unchanged at 0.32%. The benchmark ten-year Australian government rate is down -3 basis points to 1.42%. The 10-year Chinese government bond was little changed at 3.12%. The ten-year New Zealand government is down sharply by -8 basis points to 1.65% and now below the previous RBNZ corrective of 1.67% (-4 basis points). And the ten-year US government fell a further -6 basis points to 1.43%. Around the same time last week, it was at 1.63%, as bond prices rallied sharply with that yield falling sharply by -20 basis points.

The Kiwi dollar is holding at 71.9 USc and just slightly below where it was this morning. Against the Aussie, we changed little at 92.8 AUc. Against the euro we are still at 59 euro cents. This means the TWI-5 is still at 73.5 and has changed very little from where we opened this morning.

The price of bitcoin is now at $ 36,230 and down -1.6% from yesterday. Volatility over the past 24 hours has been high at +/- 3.7%.

This soil moisture table is animated here.

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End of day UTC

Despite setbacks, some notable achievements during the 2021 legislature https://hardouin.info/despite-setbacks-some-notable-achievements-during-the-2021-legislature/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 01:04:29 +0000 https://hardouin.info/despite-setbacks-some-notable-achievements-during-the-2021-legislature/ HARTFORD – Despite hundreds of remote committee meetings and COVID restrictions that have closed the Capitol to the public and even banned full capacity in the House and Senate chambers until the very last hours of the legislative session, the General Assembly of 2021 recorded notable achievements.

For starters, the two-year, $ 46.4 billion state budget that goes into effect on July 1, the main focus of the 22-week session, was completed on time – mostly – and with support. bipartite. Gov. Ned Lamont’s opposition to proposed tax increases on the state’s wealthiest has placed him in a good position to run for re-election next year, whenever he decides to officially announce his candidacy.

On Thursday, Lamont said the Progressive Democrats’ proposal to increase taxes on investment income, led by Fonfara, was “a really stupid idea,” which he successfully opposed in recent budget negotiations that have led to the bill that was approved Wednesday night in the Senate. .

The General Assembly will resume an extraordinary session. Executives spent Thursday watching next Wednesday but in any case, the session will take place in June. The reasons: to approve the massive budget “executor”, details of how to execute the state budget; and to vote on legalized marijuana retail, which was passed by the Senate in a close vote but expired in the House Thursday at 12:01 am, at the end of the session.

Now both the Senate and the House have to pass the 297-page marijuana bill, which prompted members of the Senate to joke Thursday morning that they had so much fun they are doing it again. .

Many bills in the just ended session were about equity, especially in black and brown communities. Some have addressed the issue directly, such as the controversial clean slate bill that would allow people with criminal records to have their criminal records removed.

And some have done so indirectly, including an update to the Bottle Redemption Act, which will expand the list of eligible drinks to include teas and sports drinks, and eventually double the nickel deposit. This bill contains a provision to provide venture capital to urban entrepreneurs to engage in buyout in a state with the lowest rate of return.

Compromise legislation

American Airlines to add 14 new Austin flights, four international flights https://hardouin.info/american-airlines-to-add-14-new-austin-flights-four-international-flights/ Thu, 10 Jun 2021 23:03:45 +0000 https://hardouin.info/american-airlines-to-add-14-new-austin-flights-four-international-flights/

Airlines are betting more on Austin as the travel industry begins to wake up.

As vaccines roll out and the COVID-19 pandemic abates, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines on Thursday announced a wave of new non-stop flights at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

American said this fall it will add 10 domestic flights and four international flights to and from ABIA.

The new domestic fights are:

  • Three times daily service to El Paso
  • Twice daily service to Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Missouri and St. Louis
  • Daily service to Jacksonville, Florida; Oklahoma City; Reno, Nevada; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Central Texans will also have four new international options, as American adds non-stop service to Cancun, Mexico; Liberia, Costa Rica; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

After:Trips are back and Austin is live again, but recovery will take time

American Airlines plans to add 10 domestic and four international flights to and from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport this fall.

Domestic flights will start at different times in September, October and November, and international flights will start in October and November.

American Airlines will also launch year-round nonstop service from Austin to Los Cabos, Mexico, and Nassau, Bahamas, following the success of seasonal service this summer.

“Earlier this year, we added more flights from Austin, and customers have spoken – they want more,” said Brian Znotins, American vice president of network planning. “We look forward to providing our customers with even more opportunities to reconnect with family, friends and colleagues. Together with our partners, we’re making Austin’s connection to the world easier than ever.

Travelers wait to pass security checkpoints at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on May 28.  Airlines add flights to Austin Airport as the travel industry begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers will be able to purchase tickets for the new flights from June 14 on aa.com.

“Over the past 40 years, American Airlines has connected Austin and central Texas with the world,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in a statement. “We couldn’t be happier with today’s announcement of a new, expanded service (in Austin). We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with American for many years to come. “